KABRITA Goat Milk Formula Review

KABRITA premium goat milk formula is naturally easy to digest and non-GMO. It may be a good solution for children with cow milk sensitivity. Cow milk sensitivity may cause symptoms such as colic, constipation congestion, digestive discomfort and eczema.

I did receive a sample of KABRITA and offered it to a family member to use. I also babysit for her so I was able to see and review the formula first hand. Her little one is almost 12 months old and has ongoing issues with digestion. She has always had trouble feeding her daughter regular formula and even trying different soys and ease ones, with not much luck. Some would stay down but made her baby very cranky and uncomfortable. I know exactly what the mom is going through because my middle son, now 14 years old, was the same way when he was a few weeks old. I started him out breastfeeding but about a week after he just stopped. I figured I would just switch him to formula but after about a week again, he just stopped. I had no idea what was going on, I took him to his doctor and even he was unable to pinpoint the issue. Eventually after a bunch of trial and errors with breastfeeding and different formulas he ended up on regular cows milk. I wish I would have had KABRITA available back then. 

My friends little girl, so far, {{knock on wood}} has been able to keep down the Goat Milk Formula. She is still a little cranky but nothing like she was a few days ago. I did order a case from the KABRITA website and am having it sent out to her so she can keep using it. I like that it is not any more expensive than the normal formula available. You mix it the same as any other formula and it has the same texture and consistency. I do hope this can be a solution for her and her baby because I know it can be overwhelming when you know your baby is hungry but won't eat, or can't for whatever reasons. 

KABRITA Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit is all Natural, easy to digest and available in three delicious flavors! No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and no added sugar or water • A good Source of Vitamins C, D & E, contains protein and fiber. Non-GMO Project verified and available in convenient, easy to squeeze BPA-free packaging. 
When I received the sample of the Goat Milk Formula I also received a few samples of KABRITA Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit in squeeze pouches. My kids already love just about anything in squeeze pouches so they were all ready to give their opinions. They are definitely better a little cooler so not preferred room temperature. Emmaleigh loves berries so she choose the Mixed Berry but the Banana and Vanilla was her favorite. The mango was an overall least favorite. I did end up putting the Mango yogurt into a cup, put it back in the fridge, and topped with granola and it was liked a little better. Tastes vary per kid so I can't really fault KABRITA for the flavor, its more a flavor the kids just don't really care for. I can definitely say we will be buying more of these to have handy. We can easily take them on the go without any worry of a mess. 
A huge thank you to Moms Meet and KABRITA for sending us these good tasting and healthy goodies. 

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From KABRITA:  Why Goats Milk    Naturally easy to digest protein - Goat milk proteins form a smaller, softer curd in the gut than cow milk. As a result goat milk moves through the body at about the same rate as breast milk, resulting in less digestive discomfort sometimes caused by the 'churn' of breaking down larger proteins. 

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