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Lets talk baby names real quick!

I never really thought about having kids when I was younger so I had no idea what I was going to name my kids when I was pregnant. Having 5 kids, trying to find names was always crazy difficult for me. 
Going over lists and through books and looking up what names meant, it was a bit overwhelming. There were so.many.options! What I realized more than anything was that names weren't for everyone else, they were for me and my husband. We are not naming kids to make other people happy but for us and for our children to make their own name just that, their own. 

So when you are thinking about names remember that this is your decision and not everyone has to or might even like it. 

You may go with a traditional name or something that runs in your family. 
You might want to use your grandfathers name...or with my oldest we used my grandfathers middle name. Some of you may not have great relationships with family and want to stray away from keeping them going. I know I personally have never felt a huge connection with my father and he was only in my life, off and on, till I was about 8 so I never really thought too much about looking into adding any of his names to my children but looking back I kinda wish I would have. I still use his last name because it is who I am and will always be but it is something you might want to consider when you are thinking names. Strained relationship or not, consider all your family ties and all your family names. 
The boys have older names I guess you could say -Glenn - Benjamin - Garrett each with their own middle names that defines something. 
Glenn has my grandfathers middle name, Anthony. I had a super close relationship with my grandfather and wanted to keep something of his going. Then with Ben, when he was born he was supposed to be a girl so we were kinda caught off guard and it took us a few days to figure out what to name him. We picked Ben because that is his fathers name but my (now ex) husband did not want him to be a junior and did not want too much in regards to his father with their lack of a good relationship growing up so we use Draco -Harry Potter was huge at the time and it just seemed to fit for him. Then with Garrett I was remarried and I wanted to have something to connect him with his older siblings so I was able to come up with names that did not run in my family or my husbands but had the same initials as Glenn. They both have G A names. If I were to have another boy, which I am not planning on having anymore lol, and it was a boy I would try to match initials with Ben B D. 

You might want your kids to have original and unique names. 
For me this was more true for the girls. The boys have more older names whereas the girls, not so much. Tierney was a name of a little girl in my 2 year old class in a daycare I worked in when I was 17 and while I did not really think of it at the time, when I got pregnant with her it kinda just came into play. And her older sister, my (now ex) husbands oldest daughter and my stepdaughter has 2 middle names. I wanted Tierney to have a name connection to her so she ended up with 2 middle names. LaVerne, which was my grandmothers name and Vampira because she was born on Halloween and her father liked the character. When I got pregnant with my 2nd and youngest daughter I tried to find a name as unique as Tierney but was not having much luck. I really wanted Isabella(e) or Emily but they seemed to plain to go up against her sister. It took me a little bit but finally came up with Emmaleigh and she also has 2 middle names Marie which is a play on my middle name (Maria) and Rayne but I love the rain. 

So go over names you like and make them work for you and your growing family. Dont stress out about who might like it or who wont understand it. Do whatever it is you want to do, this is your child and this is ultimately your decision. 

Does your name have a certain meaning? 
Do you have children, if so are there any crazy spellings or past connections? 


  1. When we adopted our daughter, her birth mother last name was Ann. We wanted our girl to keep a part of biological identity and to thank her mom for bringing her into the world. So we chose that name for her.

  2. I am currently expecting my third baby. We have not even thought of a name yet. We spent a lot of time picking out our first two kids' names.

  3. I watched a documentary a few years ago - I think it was called "A rose by any other name" and it followed kids with all different names and the struggles the ones who had unique names had in even finding employment! Crazy! I think you are right now to let other peoples opinions count though and give a name that has meaning too :) I'm named after someone my mum thought was cool and confident at university LOL

  4. Naming our kids was so much fun! Except when we thought it was a boy... that brought arguments.

  5. My first son was named with a name we liked and given his father's middle name. My second son was named after a famous person we liked and given my father's middle name. My daughter, we just kind of fell in love with a character off of a tv show and I always loved the name Kennedy for the middle name, but my husband didn't, so we compromised on Kennley.

  6. I have a pretty original name (Karissa) I have always loved it. I am glad my mom decided to do something unique!

  7. I am named after my grandmother and my brother is named after my grandfather. My son is named after his paternal great-grandfather.

  8. A great post, and I love that you are underlining that it is the parents child and their decision. It could seem obvious, but I think man parent benefit from being reminded of this!

  9. Our grandmother gave us our names which she got from the Bible, that applies to all my cousins as well. Not everyone love their name but I love mine. It means favor and grace :)

  10. My children don't have unique names but we did change Aiden to Aidan to Make it different.


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