Ultimate Blog Party 2013 -This is me!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

So this is my 2nd real attempt at blogging. I got too busy with life previously so I wasn't really able to give it as much as I could. And this is my 1st year joining The Ultimate Blog Party 2013. I am hoping to meet alot of new people and add to my blog on a regular basis. 
Anyways, a little about me....I am a stay at home mom to 5 children. 3 are from my ex husband and they are Glenn (12), Benjamin (11), and Tierney (9). Then I have 2 more with my husband and they are Garrett (4 so very close to 5) and Emmaleigh (3). I also have 3 step children from my ex husband and 2 from my current. They all come and go along with the friends the kids have so to say we have an open house/door at all times is kind of an understatement.
I love to drive and wander around so I tend to jump in the truck on any given day and were we end up is where we end up. We frequently visit the parks and museums here as well as the beaches. I love to take pics and have a ton of my personal Facebook page. As I said I just restarted the blog so the Facebook page associated with it is not as busy (yet). I like to be crafty, the kids are usually involved with that too. 
Most of the things I do include and revolve around family things and things I can do with the kids. My husband works 60-80 hours a week so its usually me and the kids to entertain and venture around with. I don't normally plan things, when I do they never (ever ever) seem to work out soooo we just kinda do stuff. 
I did win registration to Color Me Rad here in Tampa so I am kinda excited yet unsure since I am not really a runner or exercise type person but we (me and the kids I am taking) are going to train a little for it and make the best of it. The kids that want to go are super excited. My oldest doesn't really want to go but I think once he is there he will love it! 
I also homeschool. We started with my oldest when he was in 4th grade and he is now in 6th. He enjoys the freedom and flexibility of it. I do to really so we register my 9yr old daughter this past year for it, she is in 3rd grade. The ability to do things with the kids when everyone else is in school/work is awesome to say the least. It is much more enjoyable to go somewhere with the kids and not have to worry about the crowds. 
Well I don't want to ramble too much. I hope you all reading decide to stick around and read some more. Any tips from fellow bloggers is more than welcome! And if anyone is in or around Tampa please feel free to contact. :)   -and now Ill leave you with a few pics of everyday and we are off to the park. 

The girls -Tierney and Emmaleigh-
dolphin watching in Tampa
Glenn and Michael are best friends! 
The daredevil, Garrett
Little Miss Tierney ((LOVES the camera!!))
the babies on lookout

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  1. The Color Me Rad looks awesome! I'm doing the Pretty Muddy womens run in October! I've never done a color run or a mud run before! Parks are great places to train for a 5K! I would much rather walk the trails at a park than run on a treadmill!

  2. Omg, you are a busy lady =) Stopping by to check out your blog and to just say hi!

  3. Hi Bernadette - I love how you spell Emmaleigh. Keep on doing your stuff, I'd like to come along for the ride! Enjoy the party!

  4. I have never done any kind of run, walk, etc. soooo this should be interesting to say the least! :) We have a few lakes around here that we walk around when its not terribly hot. Unfortunately I usually have the kids with me when out walking and it does get kind of hot so I have to limit how long I/we are out there. But at the same time it is good for them to be out there so a little give and take.

  5. Hi, Bernadette! So nice to meet you! How nice to have such a big family! I always wanted four kids, and am lucky to have two girls who are 5 and 8. Have fun this week during UBP13!

  6. Yeah it is big. I never really thought about kids and how many I wanted, just kinda had them. I am pretty much done at 5 of my own though. If it wasn't for the pregnancy I would have more but I am not one of those 'glowing' kind lol. Thanks! :)

  7. I bet there is never a dull moment with your munchkins. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun though and that is what is important. Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse. Every day is Halloween here. I wish I had a kid born on Halloween. Closest I have it that my daughter was born on the 13 which sometimes falls on Friday the 13th. =)