Who's idea was this?!?!

Moving during the week of Christmas....
While I have wanted to move out of South Tampa for years now I did not want to do it rushed and without a better plan in place. I have said year after year, that we are going to move to St Pete because the kids have family there and I just wanted to get away from South Tampa and the negativity that is in the air there. 
Now, of course South Tampa has its good things! The kids and I have gotten to enjoy some of the events and places over there and have plenty of memories and pictures to document. We have done holidays there as well as day to day. 
But its more the people there. (Not to get too into the back story but....) I  moved over there about 7 years ago once my now ex husband and I divorced. I met my current husband and he lived over there. The kids and I moved in with him but there was a nastiness in the air because people within certain circles (gossip circles) had formed opinions of me already. Which is fine, I don't really care about others and what they think of me. It was mainly his sister and his ex, they were/are friends so they were on me about everything. It was difficult for me because they would try to get in between as much as they could with me and him. It was a bit petty....it still is and I know it will still continue but now its him that has to deal with them, not me. It is difficult to live in a town though and just have to deal with them. I don't care for these people and honestly I just don't want to be associated with them. I don't want my children growing up with theirs, with the negativity that surrounds them...misery loves company so I have been told and these people can be pretty unhappy. And unhappy all the time.  
We had less than a week to find a place and have the money to get it all taken care of. It was also the week of Christmas so alot of the money that was put aside for Christmas was going to have to go to moving. I ended up having to take things back to Toys R Us and other stores because it just wasn't doable. We did not have enough to move and Christmas. It was a bit chaotic and I was totally overwhelmed. I was doing most of this and most of the looking and decision making on my own because my husband was working and was not staying with us at the time. Part of me felt totally alone but at the same time I don't think I could have been so calm(ish) and kept it together if I had to deal with my husband at the time. So for that I am thankful! 
We ended up finding a house available but it was in South St Pete, towards Gulfport. It would be a bit of a drive for my husband everyday for work but the landlord said he would work with us and we could be in the Monday before Christmas. So really, we didn't have too many other options. There were a bunch of other houses in both Tampa and St Pete but not as many willing to work with us. So we took it. I met with the guy, looked at the house with the kids and we decided to do it. 
My husband stayed at his sisters that weekend before Christmas through Christmas Eve after work so it was kinda just me and the kids. Which, honestly was ok because he tends to stress me out even more. 
The City was able to come out and turn the water on for us before Christmas but we did not have electric till the day after, that Thursday.
While I wish we could have moved slower and with more of a plan I am super happy to be out of there. It is much calmer here. There is no negativity in the air. I don't have to worry about who sees me where and what I am doing all the time because people like to talk. 
It's great to be somewhere that people don;t have bad opinions of you just because they can. 
I am currently looking for a bigger home since this was too small and we knew that when we took it but considering. But overall I am glad to be away from there. The kids love it here! We are close to 3 beaches, close to parks, close to downtown, and most importantly the kids are close to family!  

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  1. We moved on year on Christmas eve as that is when the buyers wanted our house. We had Christmas dinner on paper plates

    1. We had rented a house but the landlord did not fix anything...like the freezer stopped working and that went on about 3 months. The oven stopped working and that was about 5 months. The electric in my daughters room did not work at all while we were there for a year so we moved in with a friend for a few months but at Christmas she had said she had family coming in to stay and we had to be out so we had to go. I would not have minded the moving during the holidays if I had a chance to plan it out better lol. I am glad we are out of the area though. It is way calmer away from there. :)

  2. Wow close to 3 beaches. Thats awesome!

    Michelle F.

  3. While I cannot imagine moving over the holidays look at it this way, this will surely be one Christmas you will never forget. Sounds like all of the headaches were well worth it! So glad you and your family are happy!

  4. Sounds like it was a good move! I've never move on or around the holidays, I always try to schedule my moves for the spring time, but I live in the North East and winter weather would make a move in December AWFUL!