Bens turning 12!!

Oh goodness. Sometimes I wonder how either of us made it this far lol, but Ben has made it to 12!! 

This was my reaction too!! 
I love this kid more than I am sure he knows. He loves to drive me insane. He loves to push every possible  button I have on a pretty normal basis. He is awesome though! He has a good heart and likes to help and do random nice things. He loves outdoors. He loves to learn. He loves animals. He is a great big brother. He has no shame whatsoever. He is always on. ALWAYS! Life with Ben is always an adventure and I hope it stays that way. I hope he never loses his sense of adventure and wonder. 
An animated child! 
Loves school! 
A great big brother.
Loves the outdoors....and getting dirty 

This is rare! 
Loves animals! 
Exploring every aspect of life. 

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