Meeting up with the ex

I moved to Tampa about 7 years ago. In doing so, the older kids had left their family over there. Their father was in St Pete. Their gramma and grandpa were over there as well. At first when we moved over to Tampa they did see their father every now and again but it dwindled to not so much after a few months. Anways, we moved back over to St Pete around Christmas and the kids have been able to see and hear from their father a little more. Part of the reason I have wanted to come back over this way was for them. I knew if we were closer he would find more time for them and so far he has. Yes, I should not have to up and move myself and my family just for him, and that wasn't the only reason I had looked into moving back but I knew that was part of it. And yes, I know he should have found time to see them when they were in Tampa. 
Tierney got to hang out with her dad and his other 2 children, Logan and Wolfie for the day and she had a great time! They went to Sunken Gardens and she got to meet his new wife. They built a fire pit and just hung out for the day. Kids don't ask for much when it comes to family and spending time with them. She hasn't had a day with her father in a very long time and I know it was much appreciated, by her and me. I will not set my expectations too high on how often he will see them but I do hope he makes a little more time for them with them closer than has been in the past. 
I met up with him at the park when it was time for her to come home. It was easier for both of us just to meet up and we let the kids run around for a few minutes. We got to talk a bit about the kids and future plans for myself and them. I have no real hard feelings towards him so it's not like a horrible situation and it's not awkward or anything else. Things happened in the past but there is no sense in keeping the negativity going like some do. There is no point in being nasty to each other or any of that petty stuff. We do see each other every now and again at family functions, birthdays, holidays,etc and I am thankful that he does spend whatever time he does with the kids. 

A dolphin out in the water. 
Glenn with Wolfie. 
Kids playing tag. 
Kids up on the watchtower. 
Spinning chairs are great. 
Tag! in the field. 

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