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I am not of sports drinks. The ones I have tried are too watered down for me and I just never really liked them. If I want to drink water, then I drink it. I don't like flavored water for the most part either. My kids on the other hand are huge fans of sports drinks and flavored waters. They drink them all the time and we always have them in stock here at home. When I was contacted to try BodyArmor SuperDrink I accepted because I knew the kids would try it and give a good review. I wanted to give a full opinion though, of my own, so I tried them too.  

Here is a little about the actual drink, from the site

Electrolytes + Vitamins + Coconut Water + Natural Flavors, Colors & Sweeteners

BodyArmor has no artificial colors, contains 10% coconut water, and natural flavors. 
BodyArmor comes in 6 natural flavors: Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch, Strawberry Banana, Grape, Orange Mango, and Mixed Berry. Each of the flavors were tested when cold and room temperature. If we are out and about it does tend to get hot so it made sense to try them in the Florida sun. 

The kids and myself each picked a flavor and gave them a try. The boys took theirs to Dinosaur World the other day when we were there. It was a super hot day so I am kinda glad they decided to bring them. It gave us a chance to have them out in a normal setting for us. The flavors they chose, the Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch, and Orange Mango, were a huge hit. They loved them. As for the girls, they had Strawberry Banana and Grape. Those ended up at the beach with us last weekend. They shared most of theirs and they both enjoyed the flavor. The only flavor that was not a huge hit was the Mixed Berry. 
As far as the drink itself goes, each flavor was pretty distinguishable. The flavors each contained enough flavor to taste and know what you were drinking, but not too much. 

Our ratings (in order of best to worst):

1. Strawberry Banana: "Is delicious!" said Garrett (6). This was an overall favorite from each of us. It tasted the most like its flavor. It also tasted the best cold and warm. There was no aftertaste. 

2. Orange Mango: This flavor was my oldest sons favorite. It tasted a bit like V8 Splash Tropical Blend, which is his favorite juice! This one was good when cold and when warm also. It was not too strong and there was no aftertaste. 

3. Tropical Punch: This flavor was on the top of the list. Tasted sweet and a little like Capri Sun.  This flavor was also good warm. The flavor was just right and there was no aftertaste. 

4. Fruit Punch: This flavor was liked overall but would not be the first choice among any. 
Was a bit like a watered down version of Hawaiian Punch. It was not as good warm but it wasn't that bad. 

5. Grape This flavor got mixed reviews. I did not care for the flavor but a few of the kids did. It was not so good warm but it was drinkable. The flavor was a bit strong tasting to me and some of the kids. 

6. Mixed Berry: This flavor was the overall worst. I have tasted something similar but I can not for the life of me remember what it is. It kind of tasted a bit pomegranate(ish). My middle son loved this flavor! There was a little aftertaste but it did not last too long.  

With anything, each person will like something someone else doesn't and vice versa. These are just our personal opinions on each of the flavors we tested. I can say that since we received the drinks we have purchased some and will continue to do so. I have found them with the kids all over the house....while doing school work, at tea parties, and with Little miss Emmaleigh as she learns how to be a doctor. 

There are many top professional athletes that have chosen BODYARMOR over all other sports drinks, including Andrew Luck, Richard Sherman, Mike Trout and James Harden – and Kobe Bryant is a major investor in the brand.  We think that it’s time to educate all athletes  big and little, young and old – that there is a better for you sports drink out there! So give it a try and tell let me know what you think! 

Displaying StrwbryBana_transparent.pngTo learn more about BodyArmor SuperDrinks and the company, please head on over to their site at BodyArmor.com. You can purchase them online or find a store locally
You can also find BodyArmor on PinterestFacebookTwitter, and
Instagram.   #UpgradeYourSportsDrink 
You can also stop on over at Sverve to find me and other brands and opportunities. 

Disclosure: My family and I did receive one or more products mentioned for free. However, all opinions and thoughts are mine, ours, and honest. 

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  8. Thank you for sharing! I hadn't heard of the brand before.

  9. Good to know there is something out there that is a good sports drink. We could use less sugar and artificial anything. I have a high school athlete and a middle school athlete to test these out on, I hope they like them when I find them.

  10. Great post! The strawberry banana looks amazing.

  11. Great review! I will have to pick a few up!

  12. This was a surprise to find. I didn't know there were sports drinks for kids. Cool. :)

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  15. Thanks for breaking them down by flavor!

    Lynda @MommyPowers