Songs That Remind Me Of My Mom

Sometimes I get a lyric stuck and it instantly brings me back to something, or someone. My mom loved all kinds of music but there are a few songs that stand out more than others, one being If I Could. I remember her sitting on the edge of her bed with tears in her eyes when it came on. She tried to hide them but was not very good at it. 
She had health issues and she always said how she just wanted to see me graduate high school, then it was to get married and have kids. She never said it to me but talked about it to her doctors and after she died they did mention how she was able to see all the things she wanted. I wish she was still here to see my kids, watch them grow up. She died 3 days after my 2nd son was born so my oldest was just a year, I wish he could remember her, even a little. I think part of me sometimes misses her more for them than for myself. Despite the only child attitudes I would throw at her, she was a great mom and would have been an awesome gramma. 
I miss her. More than I realize on most days. 
If your children, or you have grandparents still around, please take a minute to tell them you appreciate them still being around. Let them know they are good grandparents and how lucky you and your children are. 

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