Mobile Monday at Chick-fil-a // #mobilemonday

Today is MONDAY! I was up at 4:50 this morning and all morning was a mess, felt like the Twilight Zone. One of the cats was locked in the back room overnight and the dogs got in to the candy while I ran to drop the boys off at school. It was just too early to be dealing with that. I let the younger 2 sleep in and decided around 11 that I was going to wake them up and just surprise them with lunch at Chick-fil-a.

I was able to place my order via the CFA One App at home and then we were on our way.

The whole process was very simple.
You open the app, log in, and you are given the options to find the nearest location so you can place an order. You can also see available deals and treats you have, and any balance in your account. Adding funds is optional because you can pay via credit card.
If you are like me and order the same things, usually because I have kids in tow, your favorites are also saved in the app.
Once you find your location you click on what you want, an item or meal you can customize it - add pickles, no cheese, no salt, add CFA sauce, etc. You also choose your sides, sizes, and drinks. With the kids meal you are given the option to swap out the toy for a cone, which we did today.
After that I entered my card and paid.
When we got there I just logged in and clicked on the option to let the location know I was there so they can start your order.

Today at Chick-fil-a also happens to be Mobile Monday. If you order via the CFA One App and pick up your order in store you get a FREE Treat Card. This is happening every Monday in March.

Participating locations may vary but you can find your local CFA here



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