Back to routine, back to school.....

So today is Wednesday, August 18th and the older 3 kids are going back to school in less than a week, on the 24th. Where did the summer go?!?! I felt like it just started a few weeks ago and kept saying we have so much time left and now here it is....almost over. 
I made the kids go in their rooms by 10pm last night to get them started on the transition back to our school routine. They were not really happy with me and complained about it for a good 20 minutes but at least they got to watch tv....tonight the tvs will go off at 10! I may not make it out alive!!!! :P     Ultimately the plan is to have them all in bed at 8, 8:30 and the oldest at 9 to be up by 6:30am(ish).
We went school shopping and got just about everything. Old Navy had a great sale on uniforms so we started there. $5.00 per shirt was awesome to say the least. Gramma took the kids to The Gap to pick up a few uniforms too. Target was where we picked up all the extras.....pencils, markers, crayons, paper, etc. They had composition books for $.25 each!!! We love Target and its like 2 minutes from home so that makes it that much better.

We get to meet the teachers on the 23rd so that should be fun. My youngest will get the same teacher as the 2 boys had so that makes it really nice. I was hoping my middle son would have gotten the same teacher my oldest had last year but he got a new teacher so we shall see how that goes. We are in the process of making teacher gifts so the kids are trying to decide what they want to make or take. We still have to pick up treats for the kids too....probably just some lollipops or fruit snacks for now. We purchase alot of stuff throughout the year for both teachers and students. 
Anyways its time to do a little cleaning. We are putting the swing set up later on this afternoon so that should be exciting!!!!


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