(re) Introduction to us ::part 3::

Now onto my step kids or bonus kids. Some are not really my step kids but it will be explained in a minute. I am not going to go into too much detail about each but Ill at least introduce them. 

#1   Natalie or Nattie. She is 13. She is actually from my ex husbands ex relationship but she comes to see us as often as time and schedules allow. Bink loves her and looks up to her alot. We enjoy her coming over. She lives kinda near us, about 45-60 minutes in traffic so not too bad. 

#2   Logan is 7 and she is from my ex husbands marriage after we were divorced. We love Logan! She is awesome! She is the sweetest little girl ever. She used to call me her other mother when she was younger because she didn't understand the relationships too much then. She comes to stay with us also when time and schedules allow. She lives about 60 minutes in traffic from us. 

#3  Wolfie is Logans little brother and he is 5, from my ex husbands marriage after we divorced. Wolfie is just like Ben. They both like to push the limits and be outside. They have a great time together. Wolfie is always on the go. He doesn't stay with us as often as Logan but he does come hang out every now and again. 

#4   Nick is 9, he is 3ish months older than Tierney. He is my husbands oldest son from his previous relationship. He loves the outdoors too! He is supposed to come over every other weekend but sometimes its more and sometimes less depending on what else is going on. 

#   Catie just turned 5 in December. She is Nicks younger sister and my husbands youngest from his previous relationship. She too is supposed to come over every other weekend but again it depends on what else is going on. She really isn't into too much right now and kinda just follows the others around. 

So those are kids and that is our family as crazy as it seems. We all get along well (with the exception of my husbands ex [again a whole 'nother story]) and we all try to meet up and spend time together for birthdays and holidays and whenever else we can manage to make time. All the kids enjoy the time they get to spend together and it is nice to know that we can all be around each other and theres no drama or unnecessary nonsense (again with the exception of my husbands ex). I guess that is it...... 

enjoy the rest of the story! :) or more to come........... 
Where life begins and love never ends... <3 <3 <3


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