Game Time!

Kinda having a lazy weekend here and was randomly wandering around blogs  and found a blog hop. Its a game so figured I would play along, why not?!?! 
     The Name Game

Use the first letter of your name to answer the questions. Your answers need to be real places, names and things. SO welcome to the Virtual GNO and please feel free to share this game on your blog and ask your readers to follow along.  

1. What is your name:   Bernadette 
2. A 4 Letter Word:  Blah   
3. A Boys Name:    Brandon
4. A Girls Name:    Brittany 
5. An Occupation:   Bio Engineer    
6. A Color:     Blue which is my favorite color!     
7. Something you wear:    Bracelets 
8. A Beverage:   Bailey's Irish Cream....YUM 
9. A Food:   Bacon
10. Something found in the bathroom:   Brush, tooth and hairbrushes 
11. A place:   Beach, any.....we love beaches! And luckily they are all around us. 
12. A Reason for being late:   Busy. 
13. Something you shout:   BYE! which is what I am going to say now since the game is over. :) 

Now copy this game and keep it going............ Stop by, link up, and visit a few fellow bloggers.


  1. Thank you so much for playing at this week's Virtual Girls Night Out Bernadette!

    Your 4 Letter Word made me laugh. Bailey's followed by Bacon... you might be on to something there ;-> (Crazy ice cream flavor? It just might work!)

    Thanks again for playing. Hope to see you next Friday. Happy VGNO!

  2. RIGHT! :) Might be something I can throw together, would make for interesting blogging too lol.


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