Going to the drive in!

For a family of 7 to go to the movies is going to cost us a ton! Way more than I am willing to spend right now. When there is something some of the kids want to see one of us parents takes them so its not as hard on the budget. Anyways I was trying to think of or come up with other ways we could all go see movies, there are some movies coming out that I am sure all the kids will want to see so we can make a night out of it....So while wandering around town we drove by the Drive In!  {{LIGHT BULB}} When we got home I Googled the drive ins around here and there are 3. 1 of them however has double features, Ruskin Family Drive In, and BEST PART!!! $6.00 for 2 movies and ages 5-8 are $1.00. So for under $30.00 we can all go see 2 movies....Monsters U and EPIC are both playing starting Friday. 
Ruskin Family Drive In


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