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This Weeks Questions:
1. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?    Honestly I never really thought too much about it. :/ I still don't know what I want to be lol and I am almost 35. 

2. What was your favorite way to kill time as a kid?     Playing around outside. We would spend hours and hours on bikes, walking around the neighborhood, swimming, Barbies, the mall once we were old enough. 

3. When did you get your first cell phone?     I wanna say I was like 16/17. I started with a beeper at 14 and had a ton of them. I would switch mine out for a different color or kind about once a month. :) 


4. What is your favorite magazine to read?     I like Real Simple, Oprah, Family Fun, Glamour, and whatever else catches my eye. 

5. What is the one random object people would be surprised to find in your purse?     I dont carry a purse. With 5 kids usually out and about with me I really dont have the want to keep track of anything else than what I need to. I always have my keys, camera and phone with me. And money of some form. 

Sunday Social


  1. I didn't have my first cell phone until I was about 25, never had a beeper! I can't believe you don't carry a purse, where do you put all your stuff! LOL! :)

    1. Lol whatever cant fit with me doesnt come. I keep my phone in my hand or pocket and money in my pockets. And if I have my camera, which I usually do, I carry it too. :)

  2. I remember switching cellphone case was a trend to my classmates who carries cellphones in school. This days, it's not just the case but upgrading to anew cellphones. yikes!


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