VPK and Graduation

1st Week of VPK. 
Garrett started VPK (Voluntary Pre K) on June 17th. I was already torn between wanting him to enjoy the summer with the rest of us and allowing him the opportunity to get ready for school in fall. When I went to drop the paperwork off a few weeks ahead of the start date I was told I would have to chose from 8 - 11 or 11 - 2 so I went about 2 weeks trying to decide and finally went with the earlier hours so we could still have time to go out and do stuff like the beach or parks or whatever. Seemed to make the most sense. Well the day before he was supposed to start I went in with him to tour the school and the classes and before we left I told the woman I was going to put him in the earlier class, only to be told that during the summer the hours are 8 -5. Well I wasn't sure I was ready to give up 6 weeks of his summer, all day. That was a long day for anyone I thought but in the end I went ahead with it. He loved it (of course).They taught him archery along with getting him ready for Kindergarten. He got to swim everyday and ride horses everyday. He brought home his artwork each week. It was overall an awesome experience. He graduated on August 01st and his last day was the 2nd. He made his teacher a picture on the last day. It was all very bittersweet because slowly but surely he is growing up, they all are actually.
Now he has a few weeks before he starts school. I made it through the whole thing without crying although a few times I was a little sad watching him do his own thing and walk back and forth to his classroom. I am not sure I will make it through the 1st day of school without at least tearing up a bit but we shall see.  :)
Truffles the school goat.
VPK Graduation 2013
They were all dressed (and matching) but since they were going swimming after most of them were in bathing suits lol. 
Garretts Graduation 


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