1st Day of FALL

1st Day Of FALL 

Unfortunately the weather here in Florida does not change like some other areas but it is still the 1st Day of Fall. And its a Sunday so we are going to spend a few hours out and about at the park. 
Also means we can start changing out decorations and colors! :) 
Here are some ideas we are going with this year. 

I do this every year! We actually make them as placemats though on the kitchen table. 

Will give the kids something to make. :) Love kids arts and crafts! 
For the bathroom since its a shade of turquoise. 
Just picked up some lanterns on summer clearance! 
Might change the ribbon to something a little brighter. 
Should be easy enough and will add some color to the kitchen. 


  1. All of these are really cute ideas, can't wait to start decorating for fall.

  2. I love love love the pine cone/ribbon door hanger. I didn't have any paint, so in stead of hombre bottles, I used an antique milk bottle, and some canning jars, and I did rice in them, but same candy corn effect! So beautiful for fall http://mywildcrazylife.blogspot.com/2013/09/just-call-me-martha-stewart-cute-easy.html


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