Fly #Emmaleigh

Just sitting in the living room watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, little miss comes over 
"I can fly" she says with her eyes all big! 
'You can?!?' 
"Yes and I am going to fly to your house." 
'Really, and what are you going to do when you get to my house?' 
"I will take the computer to the workshop and get new ones." 
'Why? Our computers are fine.' 
"I am going to put new pictures on it and Dora stuff" 
....few minutes go by....
"I have purple wings and they are magic and they make me fly" 
'Do they do anything else besides fly?' 
"They sparkle and have glitter in them!!" 
'What does the glitter do?' 
"The glitter comes out and makes things pretty and it helps people."


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