Random #SocialSunday

Another week has gone by already! Time for a little Social Sunday.
This weeks questions:

1. Favorite breakfast food?   I would have to say oatmeal. But I don't ever eay breakfast so if I do have it, it's usually like dessert.

2. Best way to spend a free day?   HA! A free day. I spend mine with the kids.

3. Airline ticket to anywhere in the world...where and why?     I am not a flier  but if I could go anywhere, by whatever means of transportation it would be to Australia. I don't really have a definite reason but I want to go.

4. You can only leave the house with one thing....what is it?     Besides the kids it is usually my camera over my phone.

5. How to you take your coffee?     Iced. :)


  1. Saying hello from the Sunday social! No flying!!?? Have you ever flown before? There is always taking a cruise. :)

  2. I would totally go to Australia as well! And, I never leave the house without the kids either...well, almost never ;)

  3. I agree with the camera (well kids first) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yaay for iced coffee! I make mine with my Keurig and it tastes a million times better than Tim Horton's. Less calories too.

  5. Hopped over from the Sunday Social links.
    Australia would be an amazing place to visit!

  6. That vanilla ice looks amazing!

    Michelle F.

  7. Favorite Food Is Pizza & Coffee Has To Be Real Sweet!!


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