Aprils Fools Day

I have never ever been a fan of surprises and I have never ever been a fan of April Fools Day. I used to hate going to school on April 1st and would attempt to stay home as often as I could. 
I was luckily not fooled alot but kids at school would of course try sometimes. I hated when they would say stupid stuff like "Your shoe's untied," because you know you want to look but there was a very good chance it wasn't. Something so simple got to be so annoying. 

So here's whats on the schedule for our household this year: 
1. Colored breakfast.     Grab some food coloring and put it in the bottom of the bowl and then put the cereal in. Simple! Once the milk goes in, the whole thing changes colors. I usually put a different color for each kid. 
2. Sugar and Salt.     This always goes over well. I swap out the salt for the sugar and vice versa. Sure, we end up wasting some food but the looks are priceless when the kids go to eat something. 
3. Googly eyes.     Quick and easy. Put some googly eyes anywhere, everywhere, and all over the house. In the fridge and on mirrors, in closets, etc. I had a bag of about 50 so I just put them randomally throughout. 
4. Candy dispenser.     Turn off  the water/ice maker on the fridge and replace with candy for the day. Smarties work really well, and gumballs. Nothing too big and nothing that will stick or melt.
5. Shepard's Pie Cupcakes.     Make shepards pie but divide it up and put it into individual cupcake liners. The meat on the bottom, corn in the middle and then mashed potatoes on the top to look like frosting.

Anyone have any crazy ideas or pranks they are planning this year? I am thinking about doing something super crazy next year but Ill have to see what I can find. 


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