Mending Series Week 4 #UpcycleTradingCompany


Week 4 already....that went by super fast! Tierney has enjoyed going every week! This week she learned how to make a pillowcase with french seams. It looked a little overwhelming to her at first but she did a really good job. She got to use the machine to make it so it was much faster than if she would have hand stitched it. I was a little unsure about her being the only one in the class every week but it seems to have worked out in her favor. Obviously she gets one-on-one training but she also gets to do stuff that is not on the list and is able to do a little more advanced projects.
Last week after class we did pick up some fabric for her at JoAnns and she did finish a little dress for Emmaleigh. She was pretty impressed with how easy it was and Em loved it when she woke up to see it. This week we ventured out to JoAnns again because Tierney wanted some felt to make some felties and dolls.


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