Butterfly Dish #DIY

The fairies....we have them in our gardens and they are very busy little fairies....so says Little miss Emmaleigh and her imagination. And I have recently come to learn that the fairies depend on the butterflies to get themselves and supplies to and from.
The newest project is a BUTTERFLY DISH.
I have googled some and checked out Pinterest, of course, to get some basic ideas on butterflies, what they eat, and what they are attracted to. We went over to Dollar Tree and picked up a blue plastic, flowered shaped dip bowl.  It is perfect for keeping the water separate and food in different sections.
My husband picked up a piece of bamboo from a local tree company, about an inch thick and 4 feet tall. We first glued the plastic to the bamboo with wood glue but because it tends to get hot here we also screwed it into place, just poke a hole through the plastic and into the end of the bamboo close to the knot or sectioned areas. The bamboo was placed about a foot into the ground so it wouldn't fall over and it was short enough for Em to watch it.


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