Simple Outdoor Art #sunprints

Garrett is learning about outdoor art this week in school. His lesson is about art in nature, how sun affects the outside. Todays art project was to create artwork with things he finds outside along with the power of the Florida sun! It was a bit hot outside so the perfect day for it.
We went out back for a few minutes and he gathered his objects: some leaves, rocks, and sticks.
He placed them all on a sheet of construction paper and arranged them how he wanted. And inside for lunch we went. After lunch, and before the rain, he ran out there and grabbed the finished piece.
This is a great way to teach kids about textures, shape, and the sun. Let the kids pick out pieces that have different textures. Show them where there are shadows and where the sun will hit the paper the most. Let them try to guess what might happen to the color of the paper.
We are going to add in some extra mixed media elements this evening. Garrett is going to add some paint and glue on some of the leaves that he used.


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