Google I/O 2014 #Conference

Google I/O 2014 – June 25-26
Like Apple, Google also has its massive developer conference in the summer. This year, they’re separated by about three weeks, which means that June is gonna be a massive month as it pertains to the web and mobile hardware and software.
Google I/O 2014 will likely bring us a look at the next version of Android that’ll power the next big smartphones from companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, and others. If Chromebooks are more your thing, I/O should also give us a preview of the new version of Google’s Chrome OS. Of course, Google will also update on partner smartphone devices, and it’s big entrance into the world of wearables. We may even finally get a price and release date for Google Glass!

So there you have it – four big summer events that will wet our appetites for things to come here in 2014. Of course, even after summer is over, there’ll be some big things coming for the fall. Expect a newly redesigned iPhone 6, a new Nexus Android smartphone, possible Google Glass release, new iPads, and affordable 4K Ultra High Definition television sets to be big going into the holiday season!

You can experience I/O live by streaming online or by attending the actual extended event in your area. Join ANYWHERE!

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