6 Awesome August Activites for Kids #crafts #August

I can not believe it is August already. This year just keeps going by faster and faster. I have been trying to find things to keep the kids busy and occupied, espeically on rainy days. I have a ton of things pinned on Pinterest and here is a small round up for August.  

A- Apple
I found this apple suncatcher and think they would be cute in any kitchen. And with fall not too far off they can stay up for a while. They full tutorial can be found over at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. 

U- Unicorn Footprint
UNICORNS! I love them, so do my daughters, this will be something we are going to make on canvas and put in their room. I found it over at Fun Handprint Art

G- Glow in the dark ball 
The sun doesnt go down till a little after 8:30 usually and the kids are usually inside, have eaten, and are ready for bed. But, during the summer they like to stay out a little and play in the yard but it is not so easy to play kickball or football after the sun goes down. I just found this project a few minutes ago and cant wait to give it a shot. The full tutorial is over at Me, Myself, and Tena.

U- Upcycled Milk Jugs 
Just about every household has milk jugs they go through so why not take a few and upcycle them for some simple, creative, and fun play! We are going to make some fairy houses like the ones over at The ReFab Diaries, and we are going to try to create a few castles for the boys action figures. 

S- Sunshine
Sunshine is very abundant here in Florida so I want to make this cute picture with the kids for the entryway. I love the bright yellow and it is really easy to make

T- Travel Journal
We travel alot throughout the year, more so when the public schools are in service becuase the kids are homeschooled and it makes it easier with all of us to travel and do things when there is less chaos and crowds. I came across these ideas for travel journals on Pinterest and love it. The kids each have a journal they write and draw in at least once a week so I wanted something more for traveling. 

Anyone else up to anything crafty this month? Any end of summer or back to school themes and crafts going on? We will be starting some back to school stuff here soon. Even with the kids being homeschooled I still hit up the sales on supplies! :) 


  1. Some really great ideas here. Love the fairy tale milk jugs.


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