Log on and see this.... #BEsociety

There is a writing challenge going on over at Blogging Empire Society. I am going to attempt to go through the whole month of August. Please feel free to stop over and link up. You can also stop over on Twitter using #BEaugchallenge14 #BEsociety 
Today is August 7th and the challenge is "When you first log onto the computer what do you normally do, sites you visit, etc?"
I end up wandering from site to site, blog to blog, off and on throughout the day but for the most part the morning is usually the same.... Facebook is usually the first one that I jump on. And of course my emails to see what is going on or needs to be done today. Usually I have a good amount of blogging stuff in there that needs to be followed up on or taken care of. From there I venture through the blog and other blogs, Facebook posts, and groups I am in. Pinterest is a good time waster for me. I can easily spend hours on there looking up things for myself and the kids to do. When school is back full time then I will log on to Connections Academy and start the day with school stuff for the kids. I get emails from the teachers about field trips, activities, and everyday school stuff for each of the kids. 
Where do you hang out online? What is your routine like? 


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