Troy Springs {Florida}

We drove from St Pete to Georgia this past Saturday, Memorial Day weekend. While planning the trip I wanted to stop somewhere between here and there to let the kids get out and play for a little. With it being a 6+ hour car ride I knew the kids would be antsy halfway through and stopping to play made the most sense. 
We have a bucket list to travel to all the Springs in Florida, now we can check Troy Springs off. 
Troy Springs is located in Branford, which is up in North Florida. We got there closer to 4pm so the water was not as warm as it would have been a few hours earlier. The park itself was not busy at all, maybe 20 people throughout. There were divers and other kids swimming around but not at all overwhelming and busy. 
Water at the springs was clear and calm. There is a set of steps right off a dock that leads into the water. There are also rocks to stand on. It was a little deeper for the younger 2 but they were able to wade around a little off to the side. Luckily because it was a little chiller, they didn't want to wander out too far and stay in too long. The older 2 did swim out to the buoys. Ben was able to catch a pretty big turtle and he brought it up for everyone else to see. 
Overall the springs was the perfect place to stop. It was a great way for the kids to stretch out for a few minutes. 
What do you usually do to keep the kids happy while traveling?

Location: Troy Spring State Park 674 Troy Springs Road -Branford, FL 32008
Fee: $5.00 per group. Limit 8 people per group.
Please use the honor box to pay fees. Correct change is required.
$4.00 for Single Occupant vehicle. $2.00 Pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicle with holder of Annual Individual Entrance Pass.
About the springs: 
"Visitors can reach the park by car or by boat from the Suwannee River at the riverside dock. A half-mile nature trail guides visitors through a dense and beautiful hammock, where they might see turkey, deer, and a multitude of birds. An old log cabin high on the riverbank overlooking the spring provides information about the park. The park is located off County Road 425, 1.3 miles north of U.S. Highway 27."


  1. I'd love to visit here one day. I'm a river person. I live in CA and we have some good ones too.

  2. we are traveling from sc to wi at the end of august so i might try to find a nice lil' spot like this. last time we just stopped to eat and get gas and stretch, but i do want to stop someplace fun this time. thats the point of a road trip right?!

  3. So gorgeous! I love state parks.

  4. Wow! That looks like an amazing park to visit! I wish we lived closer.

    Since my kids get carsick easily, I find listening to books on cd rather than reading in the car works for us.

  5. This looks like so much fun. I am a huge fan of state parks. We had a great springs we would visit when I lived in OK. I am in MI now and I am surrounded by water!

  6. This is beautiful! We've been trying to travel to little hidden treasures like this more, so we'll add this to our list in case we road trip this year!


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