4.8 Million #findaustinandperry

That is alot of money....4.8 Million Dollars! 
There are so many things I could do with that amount of money, but that is not what this post is about, it's not about daydreaming funds I don't have, it's about people all over social media complaining and questioning why the parents of Austin and Perry, or whoever is in charge of the Go Fund Me account to help find these 2 missing boys, had the amount set at 4.8 million. It has since gone down to $475.000 and originally it did start out much lower and when it got close to the amount needed, someone would raise it. Makes sense to me. Apparently that has made the good people of the internet share some of their thoughts. Claiming that the grandfather of one of the boys has "tons of money" and is worth "billions". Or how they (the families) "have money and can afford to continue the search on their own dime." It gets much uglier out there between Twitter and Facebook.  There were also thousands of people that are not able to be active in the search and wanted to donate, so why should the family be talked bad about? It just doesn't make sense to me. 

Just in case you are unaware of the story......Austin and Perry are 2 14 year old boys, best friends, missing from a boating trip on Friday, June 24th. They left out of Jupiter Inlet and somewhere out there lost their way. Now obviously no one knows the details of where they went, what time they were wherever, and what actually happened. 
This post is not about that either. 
No theories or ideas. 
The Coast Guard searched for a week when they called off their search. They are still participating but only if someone is to find something that connects to the boys.....a shirt, fishing poles, something they had with them. The families were well aware of the Coast Guard and their procedures so they started the Go Fund Me to continue the search, if need be, until the boys were found.
Now it will be 2 weeks this Friday and I want to know how much would it be worth it to continue the search if it were your child? 
Does how much a family might be worth affect if you donate or how much? 
Would you continue even after what period of time? 
I can honestly say that if it were one of my children, I would search, and continue to do so until my child was found, one way or another. 

I did donate, I have shared flyers and information, and I have watched hours and {late} hours or beach cams and pictures,  and I will continue to do so as long as the parents are. If this was my story I would want as much help as I could get, financially and otherwise. 

If you are on the beaches between the Bahamas and Virginia and see any items below please report them. 


  1. I cannot even imagine the heartache those families are going through. My heart and thoughts are with them. If I could donate, I would, without a doubt. <3

  2. This is the first time I heard of this and it makes me sad that these two boys can't be found. I would donate, too, if I could.

  3. It makes me feel sad that the boys are not found . and it is really hard for the families to accept what happen . i would donate too if i could

  4. It saddens me that it all hinges on money. It just seems like a search should be endless! :(

  5. This is breaking my heart. I will share this with everyone I know.


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