Following The Snow

We walked around most of Downtown Gatlinburg today and while we were on our way to Ripleys Believe or Not we noticed there was snow up on the off we went, in search of snow. From the hotel we could see the mountain we were trying to get to. We basically just drove out of the parking lot and up the road that looked like it went to the snow. We honestly had no idea if it was going to work but we were going to give it a shot.
We drove up through Roaring Fork Motor Trail. We stopped about halfway up what we found out was Rainbow Falls Trail. We were hoping to at least be able to see the snow since there was not alot of daylight left when we started out on this adventure. 

Rainbow Falls Trail 

He is the one I always worry about, likes to wander a little more than the rest. 
The girls. 

If you are interested in hiking or driving up Rainbow Falls, you can find all that information here

While the snow that we found was not a full on blizzard, we accomplished what we went up the mountains for. 
Day 1 was an absolute success!!
We did a ton of walking and plan on doing more all week.  We got back to our room after dark and everyone was pretty tired. Not sure what we are planning for Day 2 yet but will post tomorrow night. 

Till then.....


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