Happy Monday

Monday Monday! 

Another week. It is already mid-November and we are trying to finish up some cleaning before the real holiday stuff starts. We have laundry to catch up on, kinda took the week off last week so we are making up for that today. Everything and every room needs to be dusted. Halloween stuff came down on the 1st but I have not had a chance to go around and wipe everything down yet so that is todays main goal. Have some Thanksgiving decor to go up. We dont have too much so I am trying to find new things to add to the house this year. 
The whole yard needs to be done - raked, mowed, and trimmed. 
Then we can figure out Thanksgiving dinner and all the goodies for this year. I can not believe this month is almost over, this year. It is crazy to realize how fast it went by. 
Well Happy Monday! We are off to get some cleaning done.


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