It Is Christmas Eve

I can not believe it is already Christmas Eve....CHRISTMAS EVE! 

Went out earlier today and did some last minute shopping for some misc stuff. 
Grabbed all the stuff for Christmas Day dinner. This year I am changing it up a little. We usually do pretty much the same as Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, and all that sides and goodies. This year I am making favorite things. Fried rice with chicken, steak, and shrimp. And either a small batch of lasagna or baked ziti with garlic bread. We have always had a more traditional meal but Christmas to me is more about favorite things - things we want, things we love, things we need and I just felt like changing up the menu a bit, see where it goes from there. 

I am feeling extremely calm and content with how this Christmas has turned out so far. I was able to get the kids just about everything on their wish lists which honestly is a really magical feeling. 
The house smells like a mix of our Christmas tree and cookie dough. It is now 7:52pm, the kids have eaten, cleaned up, bathed, made cookies, written out lists, and are watching The Grinch (again) before heading off to bed. 
I do hope if you are reading this you have had a wonderful day and all is calm. 


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