another Monday....

Haha! I actually start out with a list, but it ends up like this.
Another Monday is here. Anyone doing anything awesome??? 
Woke up with a headache but I get them just about daily, migraines at least once a week. Do I go to the doctor !?! Nope, I can not find time to go wait in an office for days and days to try to figure them out so I religiously take Excedrin ES (right now I take the Equate version until Excedrin gets their stuff together again). Anyways, on to our day.....
My older 2 are homeschooled so that will be part of today's agenda. Tierney is in 3rd and Glenn is in 6th this year. They each have live lessons (class chats basically) that are scheduled for today. Tierneys is art and Glenn has Leadership. Both are electives. They both also have their basic/core classes: math, language arts, science, social studies/history, and pe. Its fairly easy to keep track of what they need to do and the things we have added on as far as electives and clubs go. Glenn is taking Leadership, Chinese, Robotics, Science in the Kitchen and Knifty Crafters and Tierney is taking Arts & Crafts, Sign Language, Home Ec, and Pens & Lens this year. It keeps them fairly busy. 
We are also going to attempt to get some pictures taken sometime today. It is supposed to be about 80* here today so am thinking maybe just doing them outback. I want to take Valentines Day pictures since I skipped Christmas pictures and cards. Trying to take more pics this year (no real reason because I take a ton already!). Other than that we are going to brainstorm some Etsy store names for Tierneys up and coming store. She is super excited!! We are thinking Creations by Bink but who knows yet. She has made a few finger knit scarves and a newborn hat so far. She is working on some more scarves and some friendship bracelets as of now. She is loving it so I hope it works out well for her.
Well other than that we have not too much planned. Going to go waste a little bit of time on Pinterest to get some inspiration for some pictures or who knows what once I get over there lol. 

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