(re) Introduction to us ::part 2::

Ok, now onto the best part of the family :::: THE KIDS!!! 
Part 2 is going to be about the 5 kids I have first and then part 3 will be the intro to the bonus 5 just to try to keep the confusion a little low. :)  The older 3 are from my ex husband and the babies from my husband. 

#1   Glenn, he is the oldest, and he just turned 12 yesterday (Jan 25th). 12!?!? I don't know where that time went at all. He is awesome! He has been homeschooled for 2 years now through our county virtual school option. No real reason why he is homeschooled other than he just didn't like to go to school (GASP!) Yes, I know...."everyone has stuff that they have to do that they don't like" which I have heard more you can imagine but I told him we would give it a shot and if he did all the work and did well then we would go from there and so far so good. He is very smart. He likes to play video games. He likes to play football with his brothers and is great with all the other kids, especially the younger ones. 
#2   Ben is 11, he also had a birthday this month (Jan 2) and he is currently living with my ex husbands mom (so his grandmother) because we were having a few home issues and he wanted to go and she allowed so he is there. Not forever, we just wanted to try it and see if he did any better one on one or better in the schools where she is to see if we could eliminate the problems we were all having. He comes and visits every now and again but is busy with school stuff so you will hear about him but not as much as the others. He loves loves loves the outdoors and anything to do with outdoors...bugs, animals, dirt, fishing, swimming, parks, etc. He loves music and is playing the violin in school, gramma had gotten him drums a few years ago too. He likes to draw and he likes to aggravate his older brother. :P   He keeps us on our toes to say the least. 
#3   Little Miss Tierney aka Bink. She had her 9th birthday this past Halloween. She is the baby girl of the older group of kids. I have been told numerous times that she is an old soul. She doesn't really have one thing she likes more than others. She likes to have tea parties and play dress up. She likes jewelry and doing different things to her hair. She is also homeschooled this year because we were moving right after summer and I did not want to have to transfer her but she will be going back to public school this fall, she is very social and loves to go to school. She loves to swim. She likes to skate (roller blades) and playing outside. She likes to be crafty. She wants to open an Etsy store to sell some of the stuff she has made and wants to make. She loves to be in front of the camera so you will see her often.
#4   Garrett will be 5 in May. We started calling him 'baby' when he was the baby and it just kinda stuck because we all still call him that. He starts kindergarten this fall. He is super excited! He likes to play video games with Glenn more than anything but he spends alot of time outside. He is a little jerky sometimes but he is the sweetest most lovable little boy. He is in the process of learning how to ride a bike with no training wheels. He loves our dog, we call her puppy (I don't know, we just never called her an actual name). 
#5   Emmaleigh is the baby. She thinks she is way older than she is but she will be 3 tomorrow (Jan 27th). Yep, another January birthday. She loves baby dolls more than anything else she has. She is a mix of all her older siblings.....she likes to be crafty and play dress up and she likes to play games and loves the outdoors. She has a great imagination and I have just started writing/typing the stories she tells. 

stay tuned for part 3:::the bonus kids! 


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