Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. Normally I am not too into the church/religion thing and I have not actually been to church in years (*forever*). I did make my 1st Communion when I was younger and I did go to church with my grandparents and mom when I was younger. We didn't make it to church every week but I would say a good 3 out or 4 weekends we made it. I remember so many times not wanting to go and having to wake up so early on Sundays but I went, I made it through, and I have my beliefs. I remember sitting in Catechism class or Sunday school with a few of the friends. Most of the kids that went to church with me did not go to the same elementary school, not sure why because we all lived around the area. Who knows?!?!  
So with kids and my family I guess life just gets crazy and hectic so I have not been to or taken them to church.  :/  Would I like to?!? Yes. I wish I could find the time to devote to taking them even if it's every now and again but truth be told Sunday is our makeup day and we do catching up for school, laundry, house stuff, sleep, and anything else before the official week starts again. And I know there are a bunch of churches in the area that offer drive in service and different times but my experiences growing up were we would go to early mass on Sunday and then come home and the rest of the day I spent outside. I don't see going to church as a drive in, or late in the afternoon. And I am sure some of you reading say those are just excuses and they very well could be but that is my logic, that is my life. :) 
     Anyways this year I am going to pay attention to Ash Wednesday and Lent. Lent this year goes from today, February 13th through March 30th. 40 days of Lent. 40 days of giving something(s) up in order to better yourself, your life, or whatever. I don't really remember my family being so much into the Lent aspect of religion or anything more than not eating meat but I am going to attempt to give something up, do some things different, and not cook/eat meat for the next 40 days and who knows what the outcome will be. Sometimes I get caught up in day to day that I get off track so I am hoping to stick to whatever changes I will be making. 
     I am also going to do a 40 days of Thankful so I can try to focus on the good stuff. I am overall a pretty positive thinking person anyways but sometimes the drama of my area gets to me and the fact that I am still living in an area I don't like takes it toll on my mind and thoughts so this should help. I guess part of what I am giving up for Lent will be negativity. The negativity of the way I think about the area I live in, the people around me, the people that have to be in my life even if I don't care to deal with them and just the negative thoughts. It's not as easy as it sounds to deal with negativity but not have it play some part in your mind and how you act/react but I am going to try to change that over the next 40 days and hopefully afterwards it will just stick with me. I am not really an everyday pray person but I have read where that is part of Lent. I can not say I will pray everyday or even every week but I'll see what I can do. 
     Lent also includes fasting. I am going to attempt this but I am going to admit it will be hard since I have to cook for the kids and my husband everyday/night. I have been reading a little and some sites say to fast you can only eat 1 meal per day or 2 smaller to equal the 1 and then you also can not eat meat on Wednesdays and Fridays so that is what I am going to try to follow. I think the main issue will be that it is much easier and quicker to cook and eat with the family than to have to make myself something different but why not?!?! Can't hurt so I might as well...if I am going to do this I am going to do it as right as I can lol.  
     So anyone reading this going to participate in Lent? Anyone actually go to church today? I did not. :/ Anyone giving anything up for the next 40 days?   

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