Happy Valentines Day!!

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Happy Valentines Day! 
     I am waiting for my camera to be delivered still, was hoping for yesterday but should be here today. That is my Valentines gift :)  So another day of waiting for UPS to get here, hopefully they come early or mid afternoon so I can take the kids clothes shopping. I am not big on Valentines Day. I usually get the kids stuff. This year they each have little baskets filled with candy, cards and some little toys and jewelry for the girls. My husband and I don't exchange much, if anything. He used to go out and spend a ton on flowers and candy and big stuffed animals or jewelry but I am not big on getting stuff, I don't like to feel like I am being the center of attention so I don't like to get stuff and for me to not get stuff I usually don't give stuff to him. Weird?!? Yeah I suppose but I am an only child so I got plenty of attention when I was younger, it was never really my thing. Other than that we don't have too much planned. It is supposed to rain here today so might let the kids play in it if it isn't cold and there is no lightening of course. Tierney has a live lesson (chat) with her class today but that is closer to 4pm and we are going to go laptop shopping so each of the kids has their own. It's much calmer when they each have their own so they don't have to wait for the other to get done and they can work or do whatever on their own times.  
     So that is my exciting day! :) Not much but we are all good with it. Hope everyone has an awesome Valentines Day and gets all kinds of flowers and candy.   
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