Klout Perks

My 4 year old loves to do the mail call everyday. He gets to go outside and run down to the mailbox and check, usually leaves a nice paper trail behind him but we manage lol. Anyways today included the ads and flyers of course, that we get weekly but also was a little brown box! I didn't remember ordering anything so I checked out the outside and realized it was from Klout. Klout, for those that are unaware tracks the influence you make in social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and kinda sums them up for you. Today we got the Vicks Behind the Ear Thermometer. Not sure how I got introduced to Klout but I will say I have gotten some other pretty decent perks, including coupons for magazines and different products but this one by far will be the most used in our family and will be added to the First Aid collection we have. 

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**Klout Disclosure**
I was offereed a free product because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to talk about the company or 'perks' and I get nothing extra for talking about them

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