Ordered a new camera!!!

I am sooooo excited!!! I have been looking at DSLR cameras now for months and months. Different brands and models that are available. Tons of lenses available. So many sites selling this one and that one. Review after review after countless review of cameras. I usually just use a Kodak EasyShare or right now I think I am using a Coolpix but they are just basic point and shoot and I am just bored with them so tonight I put in my order for a Canon T3i. I didn't really want to spend a ton of money right now on some extravagant camera but I am tired of point and shoot and I am looking into hopefully going from everyday photographer to professional photographer. I would love to be a lifestyle photographer. I love taking pics and I love taking pics of kids and people when they aren't paying attention and they are in their own element. It is so much more natural and easier to photograph in my opinion. Anyways, I will be getting it next week but I finally ordered it. I normally find something that I can order for the kids instead...toys, jewelry, crafts, cameras and computers of their own, and the list goes on and on but this time I said I am going to just order myself something. I was originally going to order from Amazon but found the camera with 2 lenses for less on QVC so I went that route. So now if I see something for the kids I can still afford to get it comfortably and not feel as guitly for buying myself something so pricey and paying all at once since I choose the Easy Pay option for 6 payments. So it works out for everyone since while browsing the site I saw a laptop I might be ordering as well. :) 

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