Fresh Market/Kids Market

Tierney, Em, and Garrett 

Wasn't too sure if we were going to make it out to Hyde Park Village today. Had some other things that we were doing this morning so it was late before we actually got out there. But we did make it out around 1:30ish. We wandered around the Fresh Market and kids picked out some fruits. Most of it was eaten before we even got into the park area an hour later but whatever, that's what we buy it for. The kids stopped at the fountain and made a wish, we do it everytime we are there...or at any fountain really. I always tell Emmaleigh not to tell anyone her wish but before I can even get that out she is telling me what it is. We walked around where the kid vendors were for the Kids Market. Tierney bought a duct tape pen and then the 4 of them each bought a magnet. I love that they (Hyde Park and Kids Fit Club) came up with and offer this for kids. My kids make stuff all the time and I think they would love to do something like this. There isn't alot out there for the younger kids to make their own money besides an allowance so this gives them a chance to make something, offer it, and get something in return. I think it also helps with other skills as well...problem solving, social, sales, math obviously, etc. I am definitely going to look into it for them. 

We made it!! 
Fit Kids Playground had kid vendors (AWESOME idea!) 
Kids making a wish @ the fountain
Kids Market at the Fresh Market 
kids buying magnets

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