Glazer Children's Museum

Glazer Children's Museum 

mosaic outside of the museum

We made our 2nd trip to the Glazer Children's Museum yesterday. The first time we went I decided to just buy the annual membership since it was only $20.00 per person, per year. The regular admission is $9.50 for children 1 and older and $15.00 for adults for one day so it just made more sense to get the membership really. Now we can come and go as we please, which is great because this gives us something to do indoors that all the kids can enjoy. Some days are super hot here and we don't always feel like being out in it. We park in the parking garage which is right next to the museum. Makes it very nice because having 4,5 + kids with me I don't really want to be walking all over downtown Tampa, especially during the work week when traffic can be harsh. (Parking at Poe Garage is only $1.20 a hour). The museum is also located near/in Curtis Hixon Park and they have a fountain area out front so we usually play in that when we are downtown. There is a playground further out in the park and a smaller mist fountain. The park is HUGE, whole 'nother blog post lol. 
The first time we went it was earlier in the morning, closer to opening and they were a little more busy than yesterday. Yesterday when we were there we didn't go until about 1pm so most of the field trips had left and for the most part it was us and 2 or 3 other families. AWESOME!! Since it wasn't busy at all the kids were more relaxed and able to take their time with some of the activities they liked. They also had the ability to wander around a little on their own since I could see them and keep an eye on them easier. We were there for about 3 hours and we did some of the activities more than once. They also have a daily schedule with different things like story time and arts & crafts. 

When you first walk in there is a huge water play area, called Kids Port. Basically it is a huge water table with different activities and waterways. Kids can load and unload cargo and make channels for water to flow through. There is an area to make your own sailboat and race it. This exhibit takes up most of the lower level. It also rains every now and again over the water. There is an island with a little sandbox (but the best part is that it isn't sand but little rubber mulch) that the kids can play in. Kids can pilot a ship and look underwater into the periscope. 

island with rubber sand! 
ship captain
There is an exhibit there now called Team Up! Explore Science and Sports but it does end the end of April. The lady that worked there did say they were going to have a different exhibit there in May and she thought it would be dinosaurs so that we will be going to see of course. Boys LOVE dinos!! Can't wait for that. 
Kids got to test their speed.
trying on sports equipment and different uniforms. 
We finally made it upstairs. We missed Story Time but about 10 minutes but there was plenty more to do so it wasn't that big of a deal. The first time we were there the kids played more in the pretend/dress up areas than they did this time. This time because it wasn't busy they climbed in and out of the Water's Journey . The structure is about 35' tall and you climb through as a water droplet would from the clouds down, on tree leaves. Emmaleigh was afraid of it the first time but she was all over this time. 

Water's Journey 
We spent about 2 hours upstairs. During the in and out of the climbing the kids played in the different areas....There is an airplane that lets you fly through Tampa. Kids like that they can fly over the museum, and they understand where they are. You have the option to fly over New York and San Francisco too. They is an area for firefighting, to be a chef, a vet, and to practice your doctor skills. The first trip there the kids played more with those areas. They loved it! But this time Publix was empty so they got to go shopping, work the register, scan items and stock the shelves. 
shopping @ Publix
The activity scheduled for the day we were there was Coffee Filter Earth. I like that they have arts and crafts available, I have a house full of stuff the kids have made! :) #mommy 
Coffee Filter Earth 
After that the kids ran around and played a little more, climbed the leaves a bit and then we were outta there for the day. We will definitely be making more trips out there! The museum has other things available that go on, other events, some are free for everyone, some are free for members, and some are special prices. The next event is this coming Saturday (April 27th). It is a YMCA Healthy Kids Day. It is a free event from 10am - 1pm. 
We will probably be there!!
And a few more random pics from the day!
Name that Ball in the Explore Science and Sports Exhibit
reading and puzzles 
Fire Station with a pole and a firetruck. Kids can dress up as firefighters. 


learning all about what Vets do. 
planting and picking flowers and veggies 

view from above.  

it rained while he was in there. 
making waves 
sand angels :) 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful place to spend hours and hours...

    1. It definitely is. Its great that they put the field trips they have planned on Facebook also so we can kinda plan some of our visits to when they are not so busy. :)