Rainy day

Drip, Raindrop, Water, Wet, Surface Tension, Rain
It is rainy here in Tampa today. Its not a cooling rain so the temp is still 70*. We didn't really have too much planned anyways. Today is going to be a day of school stuff here. Both of the older 2 have some math and language arts to do. Glenn has a science project to work on. He doesn't have to turn it in till next month but he is supposed to be working on it. Tierney only has between 12 and 17 lessons left in math and language arts so I am hoping she can finish them up over the next week or so and then she will be pretty much done for the year. EARLY SUMMER :)   Glenn has a few more, about 25 in each plus he still has science and world history. School doesn't end till the end of May anyways so we have plenty of time. Other than that we are cleaning off and on. Finished up the kitchen and am in the process of doing the living room and floors. Have to fill up the calendar for the month. I use What's Doing Tampa Bay often. They post all kinds of things to do, movies, parks, events, and tons of family things...both free and paid. Have to figure out dinner, thinking something simple like shepards pie. Kids can put in what they want and no long drawn out dinners. Have to go pick up some new mason jars for some salads and individual meals. Doubt that will be today though with the weather, maybe that will be the Sunday thing....cooking and making a ton of make ahead meals. Well today has been a bunch of babble. 

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