Spending Saturday....

So today is a pretty relaxing day. We have been home most of the day cleaning and doing some school stuff. Since both the kids have FCAT testing at local schools here the week of the 15th I am trying to get most of their work done up through that week so they don't have to worry about everyday school work and testing. I would rather them just go take the test and then have the rest of that day off, Tierney has 4 days of testing and Glenn will have 2. Not so bad really. Ben starts FCAT that week too but since he is public school he will do it for the same 2 week time frame. And of course we are cleaning today. I should be spring cleaning but that seems like alot of work right now lol. 
Anyways, tomorrow I have some things I am hoping to do with the kids. There is a fresh market here that is the 1st Sunday of every month in Hyde Park Village. They have kids there that rent spaces for crafts and things they want to sell. I think that is AWESOME! Tierney is very crafty so I think we might look into it for her. She loves to roam around Hyde Park and just window shop.  Pics below are from a previous trip to Hyde Park we took a few weekends ago. I love that they are never real busy when we go and that we can walk around. 
There is also a UPick strawberry farm about 45 minutes from us. There are a few more that are a bit farther but that might be part of our plan for Sunday. Either tomorrow or during the week. I know they won't be terribly busy during the week so that might be the best time to go. Emmaleigh LOVES strawberries and she will love being able to pick them. I might have to pay for all the extra ones that she eats. lol. 
Ah well..its time to start some dinner around here so I'm off for now. Till later...............


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