The Bully Project

Flipping through the channels with the kids and found The Bully Project. It is on Cartoon Network. I love shows like this....documentaries and things that people can possibly, hopefully learn from. 
I have read numerous stories about bullying and bullies. I can't recall a time I have ever been bullied. I have never actually bullied anyone either. Sure, when I was younger we used to talk about other kids, who doesn't?!?! But were never mean to them and we never actually picked on anyone. We all had our own little groups of friends but that was about it. 
I have 5 children and I hope mine never have to deal with being bullied and god forbid being a bully. 
My now 11 year old son did have a few issues in school when he was in 3rd and 4th grade. He was in 3rd grade and this 1 boy would bother him and they would both get in trouble at school. I think there were 4 or 5 incidents in 3rd grade that I got called for. After the 3rd call I spoke with his teacher about things that were going on and told her that I have told him that if someone bothers him over and over and continues to do so that he can deal with things his own way. The teacher agreed with me and said she would feel the same way because I think alot of it had to do with parenting on the other side. From what I heard it was just 'whatever' to the other parent involved when the school would talk to her. The school talked to both of the boys each time something happened and questioned other kids that witnessed things that went on and luckily mine wasn't at fault but that doesn't make it any better to deal with because the problem still would continue. The other little boy would do things like hit Ben or a couple times he had taken something of his and thrown it (a shoe over the fence in the playground and a book in the classroom). Just things to aggravate in my opinion. And Ben has been taught and told time and time again to tell teachers or us about anything that was going on and to avoid the physical side of it but again, after so many times I explained to him that if he stood up for himself he may get in trouble in school but he would not get in trouble at home, but only if it was because of the situation with that other kid. I was in no way giving him the ok to run around and just do whatever he wanted all the time and I explained to him that if anything happened with other kids that he needed to talk to the teachers first. There ended up being about 4 or 5 issues throughout the school year with my son and this kid and it never was taken care of, the school year ended and that was the end of it.
I could go on FOREVER about bullying and parenting and education, etc. I don't agree with any aspect of bullying and I am lucky that my son did not allow it to get to him and bother him to the point of causing his issues with school or behavior. I am lucky it did not end worse, with either of the children being hurt physically, or depression, suicide.

Words and actions can start out small and without meaning but they can easily and quickly escalate. 
**If you or someone you know needs help with ANY aspect of Bullying** 

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