Picking Strawberries #local

I have been wanting to take the youngest, Emmaleigh, to pick strawberries for weeks!!  They are her favorite fruit!  We finally had a time when we were all together and could actually do it so I looked up a few of the Upick farms in the area only to find out that the season was over. *HORRIBLE* I felt horrible because farm after farm they had posted and update on blogs and Facebook pages that the last weekend was the prior weekend. UGH! Blueberries were available everywhere but we didn't really want those. 
I usually go to PickYourOwn.org to get info on farms and Upick during the fall months for pumpkins and hay rides, etc. So I stopped at the page and found 1 farm that still had strawberries available. They were in Plant City which is about 45 minutes away from us. We were planning on going out to Lithia Springs Park anyways so it was kinda on the way.
So we made it out there. DEFINITELY worth the trip! Yes, I could have gone to the local grocery store or picked up strawberries at a local fresh market or fruit stand but the kids being able to go out and pick there own was awesome!!  We weren't out there too long and because it was the end of the season there weren't a ton of strawberries left  but that wasn't even an issue. 
When we got there the boys got a bucket and the girls got a bucket. The farm had a huge selection of blueberries but we stuck with strawberries. The blueberries were $6.00 a pound and strawberries were $3.00 a pound. Most of the farms I had looked up before sold them each by the flat but we had to take what we could get :) 
I believe the next crop available that we would be interested in is corn so I'll be looking up what is going on later on this month. 
Thank you Rebman Farm!!! 
Emmaleigh LOVES strawberries! She loved being able to pick them. A few were a little too high for her so daddy helped her out a bit.  
Garrett and the boy bucket. He liked being able to pick them too. He was all over the place lol. 

all the kids had a great time! I want to move to the middle of nowhere so we can just grow our own. 
from bucket to home! we were missing some because the Emmaleigh ate a bunch in the car. 

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  2. That is the coolest strawberry picking I've seen!

    1. THANKS! I really wish we would have made it out to one of the other farms. They were selling them like $3.00 a flat. I cant wait till we go out for corn! :) I try to do different things as often as possible.