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This weeks questions:

1. One year ago, what was I doing:?     2012. Oh goodness.....I know I was getting 2 of the 3 older kids ready for homeschool and then the middle was going to live with gramma for a year. I was still a sahm. I was sadly living in the same area even though I would LOVE to be out of here so I was complaining about being here and being stuck here. Really not much has changed...I cook, clean, and parent. :) 

2. 5 years ago, what was I doing?     Hmmm 2008....I turned 30 that year. I do believe I was on MySpace! I was with only 3 kids at the time. I was already with my husband (boyfriend) at the time and we were still going back and forth with his ex about nonsense and sadly we still are. We were living in Tampa in a 2 bedroom apt and I was working for Verizon at that time. 

3. 10 years ago, what was I doing?     2003. Was the year my oldest daughter was born. I was married to my first husband. That was when things started to go bad for us was that year. We were living in St Pete, FL. I was a sahm at that time also. 

4. 1 year from now, what will I be doing?     Hopefully in a year from now we will be out of here. Not so much out of Tampa but into a bigger house because we downsized about 6-7 months ago. I am not sure if I will still be a sahm or if I will be back working. My youngest will be 4 in Jan and my oldest will be 13 so if I wanted or needed to go back to work at that time I could do it a little easier. 

5. 5 years from now, what will I be doing?     2018. I am hoping to be settled somewhere. Not sure where I want us to be yet so am trying to stay here until we can find somewhere awesome. Again, not sure if I will be sahm or working because my husband has been offered a percentage of the company he works for if he stays for 2 more years. We shall see. In 5 years my kids will be 17,16,14, 10 and 8. Crazy! I am hoping to have my own business by then. Am thinking either a bed and breakfast or somekind of resale/thrift store. 

6. 10 years from now, what will I be doing?     2023. I will be 45ish then. Holy cow! I have no idea where I will be then. Hopefully getting kids ready for college through some of those years.
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