Summer #SocialSunday

This weeks questions:

1. Best summer memory as a kid?     Taking vacations with my mom and grandpa to Kentucky and Illionis. It has been about 15(ish) years since we were up there. We have family up there so we would visit. My uncle and grampa were also jockeys so we went up for the horse tracks more than anything. 
And walking to the community pool with friends. 

2. Favorite Summer drink? 
Tea, just sweet tea. Anytime of the year. 

3. Favorite Summer show? 
Right now its Rookie Blue. Hollywood Game Night when I remember its on. I havent seen Orange is the New Black yet but I want to start watching it. 

4. Best outdoor Summer activity? 
Doing whatever we want. Going to the beach, swimming, parks, driving around, playing in the rain. 
Driving around in the rain! Windows down of course. 

5. Summer vacation essentials? 
Camera! Enough clothes. Flip Flops of course. 

Sunday Social

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