*Wordless Wednesday* The St Pete Pier

Since the St Pete Pier is closing on May 30th (2013) we decided to take 1 last trip over the bridge to visit it. No one is really sure what is going to replace the iconic Pier but we wanted to make sure we were able to wander around it once more. 

There are different spots to learn and read about the Pier history and things that are on the Pier. 

We were walking behind this older couple, they held hands the whole walk and we met up again with them upstairs where they were eating lunch. Makes you wonder whether they were new visitors at the Pier or if they have been making that same walk for years and years.....

You can stop and feed the pelicans! We passed on that, they were pretty big up close lol. 

"The Lens" is the new design idea for the Pier. There are many that disagree with it
and many that can't wait for it. 

View from above 

View of the Pier parking and some of the Downtown St Pete area. 

The St Pete Pier
May 2013

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