Car Masters weekend.....on our way

This is gonna be a quick post since we are on our way out now. Not sure where I have been the past few years but I have TOTALLY been unaware of Car Masters weekend at Downtown Disney. WTH! 

Anyways I saw it on Facebook and figured we should go. So we are in the process now of getting some things to do and keep busy in the car and then we are outta here for the day. Luckily Orlando is only about an hour (ish) away from us.  Ill post later once we get back, I am sure I will have a TON of pics!

Happy Saturday! 


  1. Cant wait to see the pics. I'm sure you all will have a blast. Esp since it's at Disney. Wow....must be nice to live an hr from Disney aka Mickey's House.

    cant wait to see the post about it.

  2. It is kinda nice to live that close but if they keep raising the prices on the parks its going to take a little more planning on the budget lol. Luckily today was a free event, granted we never make it around Downtown Disney without spending money. It rained about 15 minutes after we got there so that was a little yuck but we went to see Mater and Lightening McQueen and we accomplished that, soaked or not I got some pics :)


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