Chore Charts

We use this daily and the kids love it. Honestly, so do I.
 I like that they can keep track of what they have done and need to do with home chores, school and anything else they want to add.
 I also like that I don't have to redo the same charts over and over and have them all hanging throughout the house.
I have 5 kids so this eliminates alot of fighting over who has done what and when. 
No stickers to buy and no paper charts to keep track of!! However you can opt to print charts out.
Each child can sign into their own accounts and keep track of things going on in their lives.
As children are earning they can split their money into Share, Save, or Spend which gives the children the chance to learn about money and responsibility.
Also once a task is done your child will hear cheering!
Parents have the ability to keep track of earnings and chores as well as monitor the work that has been done and you can even view the time in which each child did the chores.

So why not sign up? Its easy and FREE!


  1. I need one of these! Thanks for the info. I will definitely be looking into it further!

  2. What a great idea in today's technological world!

  3. Looks awesome! Thanks :)I know my kids would love this.


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