Top 10 things you didn't know about iPhone cases #Shutterfly

Shutterfly iPhone Cases Infographic
This infographic is provided to you by Shutterfly, a leader provider of photo books, custom iPhone cases & more!


  1. VERY informative didn't know! Thanx for sharing!

  2. Fun read! I have 2 iPhone cases myself but only because I found one that suited my purposes better before the first one wore out. Neither of them is the $100k model though. :-)

    1. Could you even imagine paying that much for a case?!? lol.

  3. $100,000 case?! Now that's just having too much money to go and spend that! Think of the people that could feed!

    I have a Lifeproof case and so far it's taken great care of my iphone. I really look for one that is durable over looks. Though a cute design is always a plus!

  4. I knew about the expensive cases. Great information too!

  5. Oh so true, I do have more than one case for my iphone.

  6. Great info. My case is just for function and pink for a little flare!


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