1st day of school....and I didn't cry!!!

1st day of school. 
Tierney helping Garrett find his name. 

Tierney has been in public school since Pre K. The last school year we decided to put her in virtual online (homeschool) to have a little more family time. She went back to school this year though. She is very social and likes the schedules and routines of school along with the friends. She started 4th grade today. I don't know where the time went, I know everyone says that. She had a great 1st day. She got to pick out her desk yesterday at Meet the Teacher and she picked a spot with other girls so she was happy about that. She came home and talked all about her teacher and the pet frog in the class. I figured she would have a good day and am thankful she did.
Garrett went for 6 weeks to VPK and it was more like summer camp....he got to ride horses and swim everyday so I was kinda afraid he wouldn't like regular school as much but he started Kindergarten this morning and did great. We met with his teacher on Saturday for the K Meet and Greet and then we did the official Meet the Teacher yesterday with Tierney and we got to walk around his class. He saw his name on his desk right away and put all his stuff in it. He had a great 1st day. He came home and talked about having music class and writing his name. He was so excited and he had a friend from VPK so that made the day even better. 

I thought for sure I would cry but I didn't! :) I did tear up a little and I think if I would have stayed in the Kindergarten room a little longer I would have actually cried. I'm glad they both like the school and the teachers. 
Tierney telling Emmaleigh about school. 

After school! 



  1. awww how sweet. my niece and nephew are in 1st and 4th now. My sister still tears up on the first day of school. I am glad they are liking it so far.

  2. I cried for a week last year when my son started Kindergarten..lol
    And yep I cried the whole walk home from the bus this year when he started 1st. Probably going to keep it up until he gets married and has kids :)

  3. Looks like the kids had a fantastic first day!

  4. Im proud of you for getting through I know its hard


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