Afternoon with family. #LoveFL

The kids and I all met up with gramma and 2 of the other siblings to go to Chuck E Cheese this afternoon. After that we decided to head over to the beach to let the kids hang out a little more. It was a little hot so we were only there about 2 hours but the kids loved it.

These 2 are inseparable when they are together. 
Loves to swim! 
Big brothers are awesome!
Garrett watching some waves. 
2 brothers, exactly alike. 
They all get along so well. 
Very true. 
Fun and play are necessary!
All the kids at the beach. 
Beach birds
Older 3 
Ben could live in the water. 
Feeding some of the birds. 
Where there is 1 there is a bunch. lol. 
Great weather for the beach. 

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  1. Beach days are always fun! Great pictures. Looks like everyone had a blast!

  2. Fantastic pictures. The sisters bestfriend picture reminds me of me and my sister. We were never that close growing up since we are 7 years apart but now we are best friends.

    1. Cant tell that they are almost 3 years apart lol. They are inseparable. The one on the right is mine and then the other is from her father and his wife. They get along awesome!

  3. It's has been a little while since we have been to a beach but we did just have a baby so that makes it a little tough. Thank you for sharing.

  4. aww - what a great time at the beach! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely pictures. You really captured the day! We haven't been to the beach this year....miss the fun times. Oh well..Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a fun day! Love it. My son is a water baby also, he could live in the water!

    1. We love the water! My middle son would be a fish if he could lol.

  7. Awww looks so nice..makes me miss the beach this year

  8. Great pictures, I love going to the beach with my kiddos!

  9. It looks like so much fun. I really need to get back to the beach sometime soon.

  10. These pictures are great! I went to Treasure Island years ago and love it!! I think the west coast is so pretty!!

  11. Oh, what a fun day! I love spending the day with family and those pictures make me think of a perfect lazy day with my loves. Hope you had lots of fun like it looks like you did!